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Contests: Build and retain followers. Encourage UGC. Excite your audience.

Create Beautiful Contests

Grow your audience with custom contests and giveaways. Excite your followers and build virality.

Powerful tools yet very easy to use

Key features

  • Building a contest is quick and easy with our drag-and-drop builder.

    Drag & Drop Interface

    It is easy and fast. Build your contests with forms, videos, images and backgrounds in few minutes.

  • See what your audience will see and how your contest will look before launching it.

    Facebook & Web Integration

    Publish your contest on a Facebook page, web and mobile all from a single dashboard in few minutes.

  • Set 'pre-launch' and “thank you” views for your contest and motivate the audience to share your content.


    Built-in tools for monetization. Create new sponsorship opportunities with popular content.

  • Receive entries in real time, filter and send to an email.

    User Generated Content

    Encourage creativity. Collect user generated content from video and image uploads as well as essays with live moderation.

  • Add polls as a part of your contest to gather important insight on the go.

    Viral Tools

    Incentivize social sharing and reward with extra entries. Give bonus entries for sharing a contest, following a brand page or downloading a mobile application.

  • See how the users navigate through your contest and improve the funnel.

    Analytics & Reports

    Access real-time analytics from the campaign, see how the users navigate through your contest and improve the funnel.


Effortless workflow, no coding skills required

  • Build a Contest

    STEP 1

    Build a contest

    Create beautiful and engaging contests with your own branding

  • Add it to your Facebook, embed on web or mobile

    STEP 2


    Add the contest to your Facebook business page, embed it on web and mobile

  • Moderate entries and announce the winner

    STEP 4

    Get feedback

    Moderate entries and announce the winner.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a contest?

You can create beautiful contests using ExciteM’s drag and drop interface. You can easily build forms to collect users’ info, add social sharing plugins, upload your own designs/graphics and much more.

Do I need to know HTML/CSS?


Can I embed videos?

Yes. You can embed YouTube, Vimeo, or a custom embed script.

Can I collect User Generated Content (UGC) from my users?

Absolutely. You can have your users submit their photos, videos or essays using ExciteM’s UGC engine (with moderation).

Can I publish my contests into Facebook and my website at the same time?

Yes, and you can also publish the same contests to multiples pages and multiple sites.

How will the contest work on mobile when I publish to Facebook given Facebook's pages' desktop-only limitation?

ExciteM users a smart URL that allows us to detect mobile users and show them a hosted mobile template instead of the Facebook tab to ensure that it works across all platforms.

How can I select random winners?

You can easily select winners randomly using ExciteM winner selection tool. You can also specify start and end dates for use cases like 'winner of the day'.

Can I upload my own design?


Can you limit where my users are entering from (DMA gating)?

Yes. We have DMA gating available in our zip code option.

Do you have moderation tools for UGC?

Yes. We have that available for image uploads.

How do I get the data of my users/entries?

You can download them in a CSV format.

Can I publish the same contest to multiple pages?


How can I increase my engagement using the contesting platform?

Definitely, using our engagement module, you can incentivize your users for sharing your contest, or for following your page, visiting your site or downloading your app. You can customize all of these settings directly from ExciteM’s interface.

Can I publish more than one contest at a time?

Yes, you can publish four contests simultaneously. For pushing more than four, please contact us and we'll set you up with more applications.

What kind of analytics do you provide?

The entire user flow, a virality report, and CSV data of all users who entered.

Can I upload my own privacy policies?


Do you offer support / help with contest creation?

Yes, we have support and training available with our enterprise package.